Like all hydrangeas, I need regular watering. That being said, it's also important to avoid water-logged soil - I don't like having wet feet.
Over time, I grow 50 — 60 cm in height and up to one meter in width. If I get too big, I can take a pruning in summer, just after the full flush of flowering.
By the way, I can stay outside in winter, because I really don't mind the cold.

Stimmungsbild: Hortensie mit Katze


When I'm young and fresh, after bringing me home, , I can adorn your house entrance or window sill as a container plant. I can even stay in your living room for a few weeks. After flowering, I love a semi-shaded spot in nutritious soil, in your garden, or in a larger container. After full bloom I’m quite hungry, hence love regular fertilizer application so that I can grow vigorously and form new, healthy foliage and thus flower abundantly again the following year.

Stimmungsbild H

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