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  • I represent a completely new class of hydrangea.
  • My flowers drape themselves like a cascading bridal veil over the rim of containers.
  • I grow and flower continuously all summer.


Up until now, hydrangeas would only bring forth blooms at the end of their branches, but I am quite different. I form blooms along the entire length of my branches, thus creating spectacular garlands of flowers in early summer.

However, each individual blossom is just as exquisite. They are elegantly shaped, opening a delicate light green, then gradually paling to pure white — just like a wedding dress. In cool weather, the flowers can sometimes even take on a pink hue – just like a blushing bride.

The last highlight of the year is in autumn - before the leaves fall, they turn a brilliant orange-red.


I've enchanted many at first sight - I’ve heard some say, “She is simply stunning, as evocative and beautiful as a bride.” That's why they call me the RUNAWAY BRIDE®.


The unbelievable profusion of flowers that I bring forth in early summer is truly unique in the world of hydrangeas. After the first flush of flowers, new flowers keep coming sporadically all summer long on the new shoots, well into autumn.

Plant enthusiasts have called the sheer profusion of flowers that I bring forth breathtaking and lush - just like a wedding dress. I’m particularly attractive in hanging baskets and containers in the most elegant, decorative manner. Naturally, I'm also an eye-catcher in flower beds and in garden settings — anywhere where you want classic and elegant beauty.

By the way: It's only the real RUNAWAY BRIDE® if my logo is on the label and/or on the green pot.


I've already received several prestigious awards — and that makes me very proud!

I am most delighted with my award from the renowned Royal Horticultural Society, which named me “Plant of the Year 2018” at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London. What an honour - this award is like the Oscar of the horticultural world!


I was bred by one of the most successful ornamental plant breeders of recent decades, Ushio Sakazaki from Japan. One of his greatest achievements was the creation of the world-famous SURFINIA® petunia. He was personally present during my launch at an international plant fair — indeed an honour!


Not only am I beautiful to look at in early summer, I am also easy to care for after flowering. If you simply let me grow once I have come into full bloom, strong basal shoots will soon start to grow, extending past the current year’s flowering stems over the course of the summer. These new shoots will grow to a length of up to a metre by autumn and form my garlands for the following early summer.

If you prefer a more compact shape, you can cut back the new long shoots at the height of summer (by mid/end July); this does, however, mean that I will lose my unique garland growth and not bloom quite so prolifically. I develop most beautifully when I am left to grow unhindered.

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